1/ Wash your hands before you play.

2/ Prepare the place where the pattern will be bent. it should be clean.

3/ Spread a template or draw a word/shape on a piece of paper without taking your hand off.

4/ When bending liNEON from the template, we recommend placing the power end on the left side – at the beginning of the bent pattern. Remember that the braided cable is also a decorative finish.

5/ Before shaping, the liNEON should be straight and turned off.
6/ LiNEON braid is delicate and requires no use of excessive strength.

7/ After arranging the picture/word, find five (or fewer) points for hooks and mark them on the wall.

8/ Prepare tools and choose one of two mounting methods:

For the lazy – choose a nail. Its head should not pass through the hook hole.

(hook – semicircular wooden clip included in liNEON set).

For professionals – choose a dowel screw matching the type of wall on which you will place liNEON (recommended: 2.5mm x 25mm screws, conical head, dowel diameter 4mm).

9/ Placing liNEON in wooden hooks does not require any force and You should take care not to damage the braid.

10/ Smaller LiNEONs 1.5m and 2.5 m do not need to be attached to the wall. You can create spatial designs. After shaping, they can be placed as side lighting or table decorations.

I invite you to play with light!


Anna Walter

Note: the product is not intended for children, and their play with the liNEON design should take place under care of adults.